Seattle Tarzan Series Bumbag

Colour: Black X Army

Seattle Tarzan Series Bumbag

Like a breath of fresh air, the earthy neutral tones blend right in with foliage and minerals because we believe that Mother Nature is never out of style. These effortless, all-purpose bags are designed to last. Made with durable and water-repellent materials, the bags are sure to become staples of your wardrobe.

These laid-back, practical designs are taking some weight off your shoulders and do not weigh on your conscience. You can rely on Seattle to keep your valuables secured with its internal key holder while crunching and skipping through leaves.

• Material: 420D Nylonplus® Recycled Ocean Waste Nylon
• Water Repellent
• Internal Key Holder
• Adjustable Waist Belt
• Size 30cm W x 6cm D x 16cm H
• Capacity 1.5L


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