LADIES SAD T-REX TEE The Sad T-Rex Tee, as seen elsewhere []. Hey, T-Rex, you have something in your teeth, it's... no, not your neck. Just reach UP to... you know what, nevermind. You're good. Sad T rex is having a heck of a time time doing life. He'd type #canteven if his small arms could reach his phone. Everybody knows T rex has short arms, but I guess I didn't know it made him upset. I’d feel worse if I weren’t laughing so hard. This funny dinosaur t-shirt is the perfect gift. For yourself. Treat yo'self! This awesome t-shirt has a sad T rex trying to clap, with the words, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your… oh” around him. • As seen on Reddit [] • 100% Super Soft Cotton • Comfortable Women's Black T-Shirt • Printed for a 'No Feel' feel • No dinosaurs were harmed making this tee, but one was bummed out.